World Agility is our Mission

Long before the birth of ApexOrion, we came upon Scrum the same way most organizations do -- overworked, exhausted, and skeptical. We’d been in the trenches for a while, working on tedious protracted projects that looked nothing like the plan. Over-budget projects with missed deadlines, despite all our best efforts. Until one day in 2003, knee deep in Standard Operating Procedures, backed to the edge of a precipice by weary dysfunctional teams, we found it.​

We were leery, as you can imagine, but willing to try anything. We had no training and no management support. We did it on our own and on our own time, making all the mistakes you can imagine so our future teams wouldn’t have to. But it paid off, and we started releasing faster than ever. This new beacon of hope for software development was real. We had seen tangible results with our own eyes. Results that ranged from increased ROI, decreased time to market, and happier team members thanks to clearer communication and expectations.

We fell in love with Agile and went on to new jobs, seeking out positions where we could be increasingly involved with Agile frameworks, where we could bring this beacon of hope to others. With each new Agile team, we became more obsessed. How could we help more teams? More organizations? And thus ApexOrion was born.

At ApexOrion, our mission is to help individuals, teams, and organizations find their homes in the vast universe of Agile and Scrum. Navigating through an Agile implementation can be daunting. But we know from recurrent experience that success is possible. Real Agility and Scrum adoption happens when all layers and functions in the organization shift their mindset to embrace Agility. And we are here to help you in this metamorphosis.

Whether you are a student seeking a headstart in your career, a professional seeking personal growth and advancement, or an organizational leader seeking transformation, we are dedicated to facilitating your journey through training, coaching, mentoring, and transformation services. We recognize that every need is different and we gladly cater our services to meet your professional and organizational needs.

We’ve had the opportunity to engage in Agile transformations of all sizes, from startups of less than 10 people to enterprise operations of over 6000 and have had the pleasure of working with such renowned companies as Google, Cisco, CA Technologies, Oracle, Informatica, Model N, and many more. We’ve also boldly gone where no one has before, pushing the limits of Scrum not only from software product development to data centers and computer hardware development, but applying Scrum to non-IT industries altogether, such as professional services, marketing, finance, real estate, and multiple non-profits.

Prior to ApexOrion, we witnessed many trends, practices, and processes come and go. Establishing ApexOrion has made it possible for us to reach out to a much wider audience and touch more lives positively with Agile and Scrum.

ApexOrion is proud to be women- and minority-owned.