Punita Dave, CST
Founder & President

Change happens quickly in today’s fast-paced economy. And if you’re not getting ahead, you’ve already fallen behind. I have led countless successful Agile implementations, ranging from startups of just 20 people, all the way to enterprise transformations of 6000+. I am Punita Dave, Certified Scrum Trainer and PMP, and I founded ApexOrion to help individuals, teams, and organizations find success in the vast universe of Agile and Scrum.

Long ago, when I graduated with my Master’s degree in Computer Science, I thought I would be part of creating great and innovative software. When I entered the workforce, I was dismayed to find the world of software development was instead rife to a host of issues that encouraged anything but innovation. It seemed everywhere I turned were roadblocks to creativity and productivity. Team silos, cultural and geographical barriers, inefficient and overbearing processes. I grew tired of trying to sort through the disconnect between Engineering and Business, trying to presume the expectations of stakeholders who’d gone radio silent.

All that changed when I discovered Scrum. That first Agile journey wasn’t an easy one. My department had no budget for training, and my manager made it clear that he wouldn’t stop me, but he also wouldn’t support me. It was exhausting, but it quickly paid off when we started releasing on schedule (something we’d never done before). I was hooked. I wanted to transform every agency I knew. And so I did.

My Agile adventures have spanned the US, Canada, Europe, and India. I have had the pleasure of working with many Fortune 5 and Fortune 100 companies, facilitating their cultural transformation to one of collaboration and creativity. I enjoy driving operational effectiveness and efficiency, bringing clarity to ambiguous situations, and watching once-faltering products deliver on time. But more than that, I love sharing my knowledge with others, enabling them to continue on their successful Agile journey without losing momentum when I’m gone.

I’ve been pushing the boundaries of Scrum from software product development to professional services, marketing and support functions, as well as senior leadership involvement in Scrum and Agile adoption. My dream is maintain a position at the leading edge of the expanding Scrum horizon, to be a pioneer as Scrum continues to shift into non-software functions and industries.

Here’s what the people I’ve worked with are saying:

“Punita’s leadership has been exhibited in all of the releases and products that she has been involved with but most notably in one of our releases that was in vast need of organization & process, vision & direction. She worked tirelessly to improve the cohesion of the large team, increased visibility to our executive sponsors, and lead a limping project into an all-out sprint in order to meet a milestone that greatly impacted our company’s bottom line.”
- Kevin F., Sr. Software Engineering Manager

“When we underwent a major organization change related to the process and roles we have been using for years; [Punita] ensured that the change [was] successfully deployed across the globe without impacting the morale of the team. She helped in bringing clarity to roles and responsibilities for many job descriptions.”
- Lakshmi H., Sr. Program Manager

“Punita has the natural ability to align large cross-functional teams to achieve a common goal. She has courage, patience and acumen required to run complex projects and make tough decisions.”
- Rajagopal (Raj) M., VP of Customer Success and Delivery