Rekha Dave
Co-Founder & CFO

​​I believe in details. I believe in pragmatic optimism. I believe anything worth doing is worth doing wholeheartedly and with a positive attitude. I am Rekha Dave, co-founder and CFO of ApexOrion.

I have lived my life on the side of Finance. Though many people don’t consider economic careers to be particularly people-oriented, decades of mergers and acquisitions have proven to me otherwise. I have seen first-hand that success and failure is a ‘people matter’ first, and always a ‘procedures and tools matter’ second. And so I adopted a strong hands-on leadership style, focusing on mentorship, training, and communication.

A long time colleague of mine wrote about me:

“She has an innate ability to work masterfully and collaborate cross-functionally and with all internal and external customers… She is excellent at managing risks, issues, and identifying dependencies for complex issues.”
Franco P., Sr. VP of Finance and Corporate Treasurer

As I moved through my career, I found myself working for a company that utilized Scrum. When they decided to expand their adoption throughout the entire organization, including all departments (not just their software development teams), I experienced Agile for the first time and it made so much sense to me! A process oriented around people and communication, the most promising and fallible parts of any system.

I have since been with several companies who have wholly adopted Agile across all departments and layers, including Finance. Championing Agile adoption from a non-development department has its challenges, but is more rewarding and effective than anything else I’ve seen.

I believe in people. I believe in mentors and servant leaders and clarity. I believe there is nothing in life that can’t be made easier by open communication and transparency. Harvey S. Firestone once said, “It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.” I couldn’t agree more.