Customer Testimonials

  1. Kevin So
    [Punita] is patient in answering questions with a smile on her face & great sense of humor. But most of all, her depth of knowledge [in Agile & Scrum] was very inspiring. Her approach to teaching is refreshing as she approaches participants with utmost respect and kindness.
  2. Pelumi Olajide
    The training was practical, fun, interactive and team-driven. I liked the experience Punita brings to the classroom. Her materials and exercises are simple to understand and implement. The learning environment is safe, fun and well-paced.
  3. Robert Young
    Interactive learning. Punita kept the class lively with real world scenarios, and allowed feedback and discussions. Exercises were applicable in real world. She promoted team activity to really aid learning the material.
  4. Kim Folkens
    Interactive, enlightening, informative training. An excellent learning opportunity that puts theory into practice.
  5. Gary Combs
    Although Scrum was originally geared towards software development, Punita does a good job explaining how you can use this in other fields.
  6. Wesley Cooper
    The class was interactive, thorough and fun. It wad a wonderful, well delivered overview of Scrum. There was plenty of interaction in conversation and activities. Punita is very knowledgeable and approachable.
  7. Chetan
    The training material was nicely structured. Explanation of facts was very impressive as most of the explanations involved interesting fun activities. Participation of each attendee was encouraged. Trainer was very knowledgeable.
  8. Anonymous
    I feel that person taking this class with have conceptual clarity and practical examples. In all, I will recommend Punita's class to people from a variety of industries to apply the concepts taught in this class.
  9. Namrata P.
    The trainer was a very intelligent person who delivered content, did interactive tasks, and was able to make us understand the concept of Scrum in a simplified way. I liked the examples she gave so we could logically grasp the underlying thinking behind the concepts.
  10. Rajiv D.
    Scrum is unique way to manage and enhance your business. It has been uniquely put to me by Scrum Trainer Punita and opened my eyes to new concepts and innovations.
  11. Abhishek Mehta
    This class was very helpful as it gave me ideas on how to interact with team and how to collaborate more effectively. I would like to thank Punita Dave for conveying everything with ease and I would definitely recommend her class to others.
  12. Sharad D.
    Understanding Scrum was made so easy and interesting that it has highly motivated me to think how it could change my business. I would like to thank Punita Dave for delivering such a wonderful presentation. Your delivery of Scrum is EXCELLENT!!!