Scrum Fundamentals

Scrum Meetings & Role in a Nutshell

Scrum Master's checklist

Scrum Fundamentals by Scrum Alliance 
A comprehensive table of Scrum Events & roles
Michael James - Scrum Master's checklist

Team Motivation

Winning Your Team

Product Owner role

Dan Pink - What motivates a team?
Scrum Master - techniques to win team-trust 
Henrik Kniberg - Agile Product Ownership 

User Stories - INVEST

Planning Poker

Characteristics of a good user story
Characteristics of a good user story
Tool to estimate user stories with planning poker

Writing good User Story

Splitting User Stories

Agile for All - a perspective
Roman Pichler - 10 tips
Mike Cohn - User Story Blogs



Agile Retrospectives

Ideas for Retrospectives
Ideas for Retrospectives
Esther Derby & Diana Larsen

Tasty Cupcakes

Agile Games
More Agile Games
TMake them your own Agile games

Re-inventing organizations

Spotify Engineering Culture 1

Spotify Engineering Culture 2

Peter Green - Summary Fredrick Laloux's book
Spotify's Agility Video 1 of 2
Spotify's Agility Video 2 of 2

Starting a movement

Relevance of Team Inputs in Planning

Bad Scrum Master

Derek Siver - TED Talk on Starting a movement
Lucy's chocolate factory video
How to be a bad Scrum Master

Technical Debt

Snapple Story

Dyson Story

Martin Fowler - What is Technical Debt?
How Snapple got its juice back
Iterative process

The Great Pyramid

How the Great Pyramid is built?